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Basketball goal that is unbelievable!

" Just to let you know that if you are looking for the best basketball goal in the industry look at the Barbarian basketball goal. We are so happy with our hoop. It beats the old Goalrilla basketball goal in every aspect. I cannot recommend this basketball goal highly enough!; read more--->

--by billholly775 on 4/14/10

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Barbarian Basketball Goals & Equipment

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Raider 60" Raider 72"
6x6 pole & 42"x60" backboard 6x8 pole & 42"x72" backboard
BUY NOW - $1499.00 BUY NOW - $1599.00

GC-5X54-basketball goal Barbarian Basketball Goal GC-5X60-basketball goal Barbarian Basketball Goal Barbarian Basketball Goal
GC-5X54 GC-5X60 TP-5X54
5x5 pole & 36"x54" Backboard 5x5 pole & 36"x60" Backboard 5x5 pole & 36"x54" backboard
BUY NOW - $999.00 BUY NOW - $1099.00 BUY NOW - $1129.00

Barbarian Basketball Goal
TP-5X60 TP-6X60 TP-68X72
5x5 pole & 36"x60" backboard 6x6 pole & 42"x60" backboard 6x8 pole & 42"x72" backboard
BUY NOW - $1299.00 BUY NOW - $1399.00 BUY NOW - $1599.00

TP-8X72 FX-6X72 FX-8X72
8x8 pole & 42"x72" backboard 6x6 pole & 42"x72" backboard 8x8 pole & 42"x72" backboard
BUY NOW - $1999.00 BUY NOW - $1599.00 BUY NOW - $1799.00

PT-109 PT-73
Portable 48"/54"/60" Backboard Portable 36"x60" Backboard
BUY NOW - $1499.00 BUY NOW - $699.00

Barbarian Basketball Goal
Raider Anchor Kit Barbarian Anchor Kit Barbarian Replacement Crank Handle
BUY NOW - $129.99 BUY NOW - $159.99 BUY NOW - $95.00

Barbarian Basketball Goals and Other Products

Basketball would not be much without the basketball equipment needed to play the game. There is a lot more to basketball equipment than just a basketball and a basketball goal court. If you would like to take it one step further, the actual material some of these items can be made from vary widely as well.

Take for example the simple basketball. This is perhaps the most important piece of basketball equipment that you can have. After all, what good would a basketball goal and court be without the ball to score with? Basketballs come in many sizes and colors. The standard basketball size for high school, college and the NBA is 29.5". Most balls are made of rubber or leather. There are synthetic balls which have gained popularity as a premier piece of basketball equipment. This material is great for outdoor use because it is very durable. However, it is still a bit like leather in its texture and feel. Regardless, synthetic basketballs have made their way to number two on the list, leather is still number one. Leather does have a flaw when considering it for outside use however and that is wear. Leather is soft and it does not do well when used outside on concrete or asphalt. With that in mind, a consideration is that most people have basketball goals in their driveways, and driveways are made of concrete and asphalt. This leads to very fast wear for those who consider leather balls as their primary piece of basketball equipment. In addition to wear, leather basketballs have little resistance to water. Everybody who has every played with a leather basketball knows that after it rains the ball becomes a sponge. It soaks up water and becomes very hard to handle. As far as basketball equipment goes, leather balls are great for indoor use, but they are not so great for outdoor use. What about training aids that are considered basketball equipment?

There are many other products that are considered basketball equipment. Things like basketball ball carts, wall racks for basketballs, and a multitude of training aids as well. Let's take a look at another part of the basketball equipment equation, the court.

Basketball goal courts are made of many different materials. Traditional hard wood floors were used on all indoor basketball courts and they are still the preferred choice today. However, some rubber floors that have color and design choices not offered with traditional wood floors, have gained in popularity. Another type of basketball court floor is portable floors. These floors go together like a big jigsaw puzzle, often with hundreds of pieces. Some of these floors are hard plastic tiles that snap into place. They can have a multitude of designs and come in many different colors. However they are expensive. When you are dealing with a tight basketball equipment budget, cost is important.

Some other items that would be considered basketball equipment would be ball storage units. This would include ball carts, basketball bins and wall mounted storage systems. These products can prove to be invaluable, especially when you are dealing with a lot of players and basketballs. Basketball equipment needs to be functional, and ball carts and other ball storage devices certainly are. In that same vein, ball bags are also considered a valuable piece of basketball equipment. They provide a great way to store balls while they are not being used, especially while traveling. These bags come in many different sizes, some hold 12 balls and some can even hold 50. They are usually made of nylon of a mesh-like material. In recent years there have been some developments to some of these bags. The main improvement that was made was the addition of wheels. This proves to be very helpful when you must move a bag that has 50 balls in it.

Perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of basketball equipment is the tip ball trainer. Believe it or not, it is a machine that holds several balls and when turned on, launches a ball into the air as if it was being thrown up for a tip-off in a game. A very specialized piece of basketball equipment to say the least. And it does not come cheap. This machine can cost close to $3000.00.

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Barbarian Basketball Goals College Scholarship

Barbarian Basketball Goals College Scholarship